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Children at Grøderøysa.

Children at Grøderøysa.

Culture and tourism

Randaberg municipality is very active culturally. We have been known for many years for our activities on the volleyball arena.

There are plenty of recreational activities to choose from in Randaberg. We are known for excellent outdoor activities and a well established athletic environment.

Sports and outdoor life
There are plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor life in Randaberg. Close to the municipality centre we have fantastic places for bathing, fishing waters, sports centres and formal sports activities.

Cultural attractions and activities
Randaberg has a broad and comprehensive cultural life which is evident in the many attractions and activities.

In the library in centrum of Randaberg it is possible to free internet/wireless networks, which will allow tourists to read news online and check e-mail.

Tungenes fyr 
The first lighthouse at Tungenes was lit in 1828. The purpose of the lighthouse was to mark the approach to Byfjorden and Stavanger. Tungenes lighthouse was shut down in 1984 and replaced by a beacon out at Bragen, the reef north of Tungenes. Today the facilities at Tungenes are operated by Randaberg Municipality and Jærmuseet. Numerous visitors comes to the lighthouse each year to enjoy the beautiful hiking area, to visit the popular cafeteria on the spot, and to experience maritime cultural history. The old lighthouse is set up as a museum. The lighthouse residence is furnished as the lighthouse family lived in the 1930s. The outbuilding next to the lighthouse is used to changing exhibitions.

Vistnestunet is a farm from1875. The buildings and surrounding area are amongst the best preserved of its kind in Rogaland. The cultural and historical values of Vistnestunet are huge as the farm gives you a good insight into old building techniques, farm history as well as cultural history.

Today Vistnestunet is run as a farm which tourists are able to visit. By visiting us you can experience the way of living, learn about the culture and life of the people who used to live here. We have animals were common on farms at the end of 1800`s.

We arrange different events throughout the year, and you can even book your own guided tour, bring your kids/co-workers/family for different occasions or just go for a walk in the beautiful area. How about celebrating your child’s birthday in a slightly different way? Local schools have educational programs with our teacher from Jærmuseet on selected weeks of the year.

All of our events take place outdoors, indoors and round in the area connected to the farm. This gives you a great opportunity to have an experience you’ll never forget!

Vistnestunet is run by Jærmuseet and Randaberg municipality.

All booking must be done in advance. Visit our website to know when our next event is due!

Visit the homepage of Jærmuseet www.jaermuseet.no for more information about the museum at Tungenes and Vistnestunet (you can also use the menu at the right).