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Black Cove

Black Cove

About Randaberg municipality

Randaberg Municipality is located in the north of Jæren, with Stavanger as its nearest neighbor. The municipality also borders Sola the southwest and has its name from the farm in Randaberg at Randaberg mountain.

Facts about Randaberg
Inhabitants per 01/01/2013: 10 397.
Number of houses: 3185 at 11/03/2001
Area: 24 km2 (the smallest mainland municipality in Norway).

Mayor: Bjørn Kahrs (H).
Deputy Mayor: Jarle Bø (Sp).
CEO: : Magne Fjell

13.000 years of history
The municipality is best known as an agricultural community. The climate is mild and some of the first settlers of Norway settled here. There have been found traces of human settlement from 6000 BC in Svarthola (Black Cave), an important tourist attraction. Randaberg’s history dates back 13 000 years in time.

Parsley Production
Randaberg is still an active farming community and has more than 80% of Norway's production of parsley. In addition, Norway’s first crop of new potatoes are delivered to the Royal Palace from Randaberg every year.

Attractions such as fine sandy beaches, walking trails, Tungenes lighthouse and other monuments, is well worth a visit. In addition, there is a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities in the municipality. The Golf Course is located at the northern tip of the municipality, about 5 km from the centre of Randaberg

Oil Activity
During the last 30 years the oil industry made its way into the community. Today you will find one of the two major bases for oil activity in the southern part of the Norwegian shelf in the municipality. Several service companies are located at the Dusavik base.

Daisy is the municipal flower in Randaberg
In September 2008, Daisy (Bellis perennis) was selected as the municipal flower. A process to select a municipal flower started in April 2008. Daisy was selected from a total of 17 different species that were proposed.