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Ceremony times
Randaberg municipality will conduct weddings on Fridays from 11.00 to 14.00, and some Saturdays between 11.00 - 15.00 from May to September. During October to April, ceremonies will be offered every Friday between 11.00-14.00. There are no wedding ceremonies on so-called red days, either on odd working days.

The ceremony will take place in the Council House in Randaberg or in Tungenes lighthouse.

For booking a civil ceremony, please send an inquiry to Randaberg municipality: vielse@​randaberg.kommune.no or call 51 41 41 00.

Submission of documents
Before the ceremony, the bridal couple must make sure that self-declarations, maid of statements and certificates are sent to the National Registry to verify that the conditions for marriage have been met.

The National Registry will then issue a test certificate valid for four months. This must be sent to Randaberg municipality / Document Secretariat, PO Box 40, 4096 Randaberg, or delivered to the Council House no later than two weeks before the wedding ceremony.

All questions related to the test must be addressed to the population register at your regional tax office. Final marriage certificate will be submitted by the population register and sent to you by mail.

Overview of forms.

The wedding ceremony can take place in Norwegian or English. For other languages, the bridal couple must provide an interpreter.